The Key To The City

Your VIP Pass to all things fabulous in Steamboat Springs



Q: HOW DO I GET ONE?!?!?!?!

A: The Key To The City may be purchased via PayPal on our website ( or at any of our events!  Stay in touch with us on Facebook (The Key Events) and Twitter (@thekeyevents) for more info!!

Q: How much is it?

A: The ANNUAL VIP Membership is $50 for a Red Key Card; $250 for a Black Key Card.  (That means our most exclusive deals cost only $20 per month! Amazing!)

Q: What do I get with each membership?

A: Our Red Card Holders are privilege to a year of amazing discounts and deals at the hottest restaurants and bars in town!  We currently have 12 locations - adding more each day!  Our Black Card Holders will be treated like royalty at all of our participating locations.  Bottles of wine, free martini’s, the works!

Q: What “exclusive events” will I be invited to?

A: The Key Events will be hosting VIP lounges at our participating locations…some events will be announced, some will be FLASH events that ONLY card members will know about!

Q: Will I still have to pay a cover to these events?

A: All of our VIP lounges have a cover charge of $20…BUT, our Red Card Holders will be invited in for $10 and our Black Card Holders will ALWAYS get in FREE!

Q: Can I only use the cards for restaurants and bars?

A: NO! Card holders will have exclusive offers from Car/Driving Services, Clothing Stores, Spas, Fitness Classes, and MORE!!! All the things you need to feel luxurious and special!


The Key To The City LAUNCH PARTY!!!

The Key To The City LAUNCH PARTY!!!
Saturday, January 28, 2012 • 8pm
Hosted by The Key Events
970-631-7605 : 970-846-9399

I’ll try to keep this short…which is not easy for a night packed with SO MUCH amazingness!!!

We will start with a DJ and a BIG SURPRISE at St. Cloud at 8pm

…Then, the amazing guys from Sober Guys will be helping us shuttle everyone downtown to…

Cantina!!! We will be there from 9-10pm
..Our next stop will be Carl’s Tavern from 10-11pm…

Finishing up the night with a VIP lounge atSweetwater Grill with awesome live music - Better Than Bacon!!!

Needless to say, there will be fabulousness at every turn - so join for part of it, or be smart and don’t miss a moment!

Psst! In the spirit of exclusivity (which is what we’re all about!) we will be offering One Night Only AMAZZZZING Deals!!!!!


    The Key To The City has arrived!!

    We are so excited to announce the arrival of our VIP Membership - The Key To The City!  Follow our blog, our Twitter (@thekeyevents), our Facebook, and of course, our cute faces all around town and be prepared to get the 5 Star Treatment!

    We also believe that life is better with laughter (and vodka…) so we will also be posting our amazing videos, photos, and comedic masterpieces here for you all to enjoy!

    Lots of Love

    Alana and Katie

    The Key Events

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